Central America-4 (Ca-4) Border Control Agreement

Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are part of the Border Inspection Agreement with Central America (CA-4). In accordance with the conditions set out in this agreement, tourists may travel within one of the CA-4 countries (including El Salvador) for a maximum of 90 days without completing entry and exit formalities at border immigration checkpoints. This period begins with the first point of entry into one of the ca-4 countries. Fines are imposed on travellers who cross this 90-day limit, although a request for a 30-day extension may be submitted before the 90-day limit expires. That`s exactly what I was told, and that`s how it worked for me. I`m not sure I recommend it – these twisted immigration agreements often lead many people to misinterpret. Where was the hearsay in the comments? And who is taking care of China? Maybe someone in the Asian subsidiary, but the initial contribution was to cross borders into Central America, not China. Obviously, you have not exceeded these limits, Salvador immigration goes through your passport with a thin tooth crest, although you have crossed Gautemala or Nicaragua, I know, but I did. I`m sure I`m not the only one who doesn`t like this immigration deal; It`s a bloody mess.

Just like the EU, they are trying to attract the two weeks of holidays (big donors) and send back vagrants and expatriates from the region. If you plan to stay less than 180 days for tourism purposes or 30 days for business purposes in Mexico, you can get a tourist card at the border or upon arrival at the airport. You have to pay a $22 fee. When you go to Mexico, this is usually included in the price of your fare. The visa for tourists to Mexico is valid for six months for a single entry and it is possible to extend it in certain circumstances. Remember that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date you wish to enter Guatemala. If your country is not on this list, contact the embassy to check the visa regime for Guatemala. If you wish to renew your visa and stay longer, contact the Guatemala City Migration Directorate. If you don`t and your visa is exceeded, you will have to pay a fine if you leave the country. The fine cannot be paid at the border or at the airport, it must be paid to the Guatemala City Migration Directorate. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua have a visa agreement called CA-4.

This is more for citizens of these countries than for foreigners, one advantage is that you do not have the right of tourist visa and you need a visa to visit these countries, like China, you can get a C-4 visa in each of them, and it covers you for the other 3 without having to get 4 visas in advance, because the Chinese do not get a tourist visa at the border / at the airports. According to the rules of the CA-4 agreement, it seemed to me that I had exceeded my visa by two and a half months. I entered the region through Guatemala and went to El Salvador without leaving the CA-4 for about two months. After leaving El Salvador, I returned to Guatemala – again, not without leaving the CA-4 – but when I did, I was stamped again with a new 90-day visa. We had to pass shpw and received stamps at each border (but did not go to El Salvador). And paid a seed fee, if necessary.. . .